Intrinsic act for a wide variety of occupier, landlord and developer clients. Some current requirements are detailed below:



Hotpod Yoga was launched in January 2013 and has since gone on to launch successful operations around the world. Their approach to Yoga differs from the traditional style of yoga as hot Vinyasa Yoga classes take place in their very own designed and patented inflatable, heated studios. Award winning designers Inflate and Nick Elias did battle with physics to come up with a portable, practical and hygienic studio that’s also simply a sublime yoga environment. With pods perfected and popping up all over and a franchising operation in place, it’s now all about the yoga.

At Hotpod they provide an intensive and balanced physical workout, restoring calm and clarity to the mind in soothing, cocoon-like pods. 37°c heat warms the muscles and aids flexibility as well as making the heart work harder. Thousands of years of yoga tradition are pared down to some critical, logical and powerful elements; creating a highly accessible, high impact yoga for all ability levels – and popping up in places you might not expect. They have a simple mission: to make the benefits of hot yoga accessible in as many ways (and places) as they can think of.

Hotpod currently have over 30 studios across 7 countries, running thousands of classes every month. In amongst the mix of franchised sites, event and promotional pop ups, Hotpod have now opened three franchisor sites in London, having acquired new premises in Hackney, Notting Hill and Brixton for permanent company studios.

Intrinsic property are now looking for further sites in London for this exceptional business – up to 3 new studios to be opened in 2018. Great spaces are an essential part of their business to create the relaxing and chilled atmosphere necessary for their classes. Hotpod can transform any space, very quickly and cost effectively into a fantastic yoga facility. We need between 1200 sq ft and 2000 sq ft  and around 2.7m of height and preferably a minimum 7m clear width. Battersea, Peckham, Clapham, Balham, Richmond and Kingston are all locations that are examples of where Hotpod are targeting but there are many locations throughout London that they’d consider. But whilst the location is important, the style and simplicity of space and premises is crucial.

Ground floors, basements and even first floors will be considered and ideally the space will be warehouse style but they are open to adapting any kind of space to their ‘look’. D2 planning use (assembly and leisure) suitable for gyms or indoor sports/recreation is preferred but D1 use may be possible.

If you’ve got any suitable property then why not give us a call to see if it’s suitable for Hotpod? We will look at many locations to site the three new branches so haven’t issued a specific list  However, a brief guide to the requirement can be found here.

We currently have a number of franchised site requirements as well as for central London. See the locations below for more details of the requirements:






The Chapel  was founded in 2001 as a luxury concept hair spa and the Group now  has four salons: Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Islington and Verbier. Each of the buildings has distinctive qualities in order to create a five star environment for guests – the space and environment is an important feature of all salons in order to create the feeling of space, mood, colour and light for guests.

Intrinsic Property are identifying the next salons for The Chapel. The broad criteria for property acquisition are as follows:

SIZE: 3000 sq ft plus

TYPE: properties with distinctive features, character (modern or old) and potential feeling of ‘space’. A1 (retail use) is needed but buildings in alternative use requiring change of use will be considered.

POSITION: out of town, in town/High Street or destination locations will be considered

LOCATIONS: major, affluent towns/suburbs in the south east will be considered but of particular interest are Brighton, Chichester, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Cobham, Farnham, Guildford, Kingston, Reigate, Richmond, Wimbledon, Blackheath, Bromley, Marlow, Windsor, Walton/Weybridge, St Albans


If you have any suitable properties that you think may be suitable for The Chapel, or wish to discuss the requirement in more detail,  please contact Simon Kelly of Intrinsic Property: Tel 07770 914634 or email (or have a peak at the requirements brochure here).